Sandblasting & Painting

Steel and other metals are plagued by rust and weathered painting and coatings which are unsightly and reduce their effectiveness.


Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining Work is one of our major business since we established our company.


Brick & Cement Motar Lining

Ceramic, Carbon, & Granite is the best materials to make brick & tile for industrial use to resist the high temperature

Polymer Lining

Polymer lining to be applied to be applied to the interior surfacesof metal structures.

Plastic Lining & Fabrication

Since 1996, we have started the soft PVC lining for the acid cleaning tank for many factory plant in Thailand.


Insulation Coating

Offers a high heat Insulation Coating that is capable of withstanding temperatures,


PE Tape Wrapping

We are an exclusive agent for Covalence Corrosion Protection Group for the brand name of POLYKEN Tape which is the most specify materials to use worldwide.

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