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Rubber Lining Work
is one of our major business since we established our company. Our company provide only the best rubber materials and adhesives from Germany because our customers deserve only the best quality of materials and workmanships to reduce their valuable time lost and high cost of break down time. We provide three different kinds of rubber materials which are workshop rubber, onsite rubber, and abrasion resistant rubber.

Our imported material
is a top five of the high range of the best quality product in the world and our trained applicator, they know how to apply this pre-vulcanized rubber with cold apply system as the best applicator from the manufacturer.

With the high technology of German products, workshop rubber such as hard rubber with ebonite filled or graphite filled are our major products for pipe and small tanks. We also provide the rubber which can be resist to the chemicals and abrasion in the same time for slurry piping and tank.

High abrasive resistant rubber is one of our specialty. We supply and install all the equipment parts which need to be resist from the high abrasion including hopper, pipe, structure, etc.


Onsite Rubber from Germany is the most advance technology for rubber lining work in this year.We are using the extruding system in stead of calendering to sheet out the rubber sheet in this system to avoid the air trap in the rubber sheet. Onsite rubber sheet is a pre-vulcanized rubber and using cold apply system, so no need to do vulcanization at jobsite to avoid the air bubble after curing.

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