RL THAI CORPORATION LIMITED is a specialized company producing various anti-corrosion materials and works, an exciting and ever-growing material and work here and abroad.

Since we have established the company twenty years ago, separated from one department of Surasak Engineering Ltd., Part, that had been working in the engineering field for over 35 years, our company have tried to develop the new anti-corrosive method and upgrade our products and workmanship.

Especially, we are specialized in Piping, Tank and Structural Steel. Our scope of work included engineering design, material supply, rubber lining, plastic lining, polymer lining, brick & tile lining, blasting, painting, wrapping, testing, inspection and etc. To fulfill the problem of the materials and equipment's out of our local supplier stock, we also setting our own import-export, and trading department. So, we always the most ex-stock materials to meet our client's schedule.

Furthermore, our effort to improve quality of works and to look for a better product and a better quality of workmanship will be never stopped, and we can guaranteed our works and products to satisfy the clients requirement.



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